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Guideline for Appropriate School Attire

~Revised 07/2011~

The following guidelines for appropriate school attire will be enforced at Hale Kula. While we understand that what looks inappropriate on a 10 year old might look very cute on a 5 year old, we ask that parents cooperate with us in promoting a healthy, positive social environment conducive for learning. We want the focus to be on education not on the latest fad/fashion. We appreciate your continued support.

Thank you, Agnes Leinau, Vice Principal

Just as adults are expected to dress appropriately for their workplace, students are expected to dress conducive to maintaining a positive and safe learning environment. Inappropriate attire includes but is not limited to:

Attire showing pictures or messages promoting drugs, criminal activities, sexploitation, discrimination, profanity or violence.
Clothing that exposes underwear or underwear worn as outerwear.
Clothing that is skin tight, saggy, reveals lower back, midriff, cleavage or buttocks.
Halter tops, strapless, straps less than 1 inch in width at the shoulder or transparent tops – unless worn over or under another shirt.
Shorts or pants must be worn on the waist or hips and be of appropriate length not dragging on the ground. Short shorts and micro-mini-skirts are not permitted.
Head gear (hats, caps, bandanas, beanies, stocking caps, visors, wave caps) and sunglasses may not be worn indoors.
Makeup is not permitted on students.
Any clothing or accessories that may be deemed unsafe or inappropriate to the school environment. (for example: high heeled shoes, large hoop earrings).

Exceptions to this dress code must be approved by the Vice Principal or designee.

Consequences for students who do not comply with the dress code will be as follows:

First infraction: Student will be sent to the office, counseled on appropriate dress, and, if needed, will be given a T-shirt from the health room to wear for the rest of the day. Parents will be telephoned to inform.
Second infraction: Student will be sent to the office and counseled on appropriate dress. Parents will be called and asked to bring in appropriate clothing for the child.
Subsequent infractions shall be considered insubordination and dealt with as determined by the Vice Principal or designee. Parents will be informed.