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Hale Kula Counselors


We are certified professional educators who assist students, teachers, parents, and administrators by counseling, consulting, and coordinating programs designed to help all students develop their educational, social, career and personal strengths. Confidentiality is one of the cornerstones of a counseling relationship and allows students to feel free to express honest concerns in a comfortable setting. We emphasize the values of TRIBES: Attentive Listening, Mutual Respect, Appreciations, and the Right to Pass in our counseling focus as we work to create a caring environment and positive interaction within our school-wide family.

We have five counselors to best service the parents and students of Hale Kula.

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Jenny Dyer (Preschool & K)
Keith Matsuura (4th & 5th)
Marleen Clarke (2nd & 3rd)
Jason Kawaguchi (At Risk- 1st)
Denise Carpenter (Behavioral Health Specialist)
Room A-3


Jenny Dyer - 3053471

Keith Matsuura - 3053473

Marleen Clarke - 3053470

Jason Kawaguchi - 3053472

Denise Carpenter - 3053480